The Mission Behind Aspire

We meet you were you are.

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We are a community passionate about entertainment.

Aspire Entertainment Academy was founded by a talented group of educators, actors, coaches, and talent managers to help people break into the entertainment industry.

We believe that every student is different and they should be coached to find their true voice.

We meet you where you are in your journey into entertainment and have the resources and expertise to take you where you want to go.

While the industry is very competitive, there have never been more opportunities for those willing to put the work in.

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The Mission Behind Academy

1. Meet students where they are.

Our goal is to help each individual find their inner voice and become their own unique talent. No matter where you are in your path, we are here to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

2. Community

We believe that behind every successful school there is a strong, supportive and diverse community. Our community is supported by actors, writers, directors, producers, teachers and coaches that are here to support you every step of the way.

3. Launch your career.

The entire program is built to support our creators from the moment they walk into our doors to the moment they are on the big screen. The primary goal of our coursework is to create the next generation of entertainers.

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Featured Testimonials

Parents and Actors love Aspire

Alivia's mother

My daughter has thrived working both with Denise and Emily. She has continued to develop the skills needed to connect with a variety of characters, in order to create more grounded work. Alivia and I have both learned so much about the industry and how it works from both Denise and Emily. The excellent training they have provided has been key in helping Alivia find confidence with her auditions, along with success in bookings. We are excited to see this new Chapter, with the launching of Aspire Entertainment Academy.

Gavin's mom

Gavin has been fortunate to work with Denise. Her ability to connect with her students has allowed Gavin to grasp how a scene is structured and what is needed to keep the scene grounded and truthful. Thank you Denise for helping Gavin take his talent to the next level!

Cameron's Mom

Thank you Denise Crovetti for giving my daughter the tools and experience to conquer any audition. Being based in Chicago, it is hard to compete with seasoned actors in the LA market. Denise gives everything she has and never holds back when it comes to telling her students the truth about themselves and their performances. Cameron has not only grown as an actress but has learned to think outside the box and take risks. Those risks have helped her secure multiple agents in different markets as well as numerous auditions and callbacks. I will forever be grateful for your honesty and perseverance to help my daughter succeed. Cameron Rose Hoppe's Mom


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