Our courses have been carefully designed with the help of actors, directors, coaches, agents and managers to meet today's standards in the entertainment industry.

We offer three levels of instruction and coaching based on your own unique background and experience.  We also host additional courses to meet additional needs to learn on-camera edicate and performance.

Origin: You are looking to get your entertainment career started as an actor, creator (influencer), and/or presenter.

Artisan: You've taken film acting classes, have some experience working in the film industry, or have built an on-line presence.

Master: You are a working professional who wants to refine your skills.

Additional Courses:

Stage to Screen: You are a trained stage presenter or performer ready to find self-confidence in front of a lens.

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World-Class Teachers

Our teachers actively work with A-list talent and know what it takes to become a great actor

Top Notch Courses

We created our courses in concert with our deep rooted connections to Hollywood to ensure that what we teach is what agents, managers and casting producers are looking for.

Global Students Community

Our staff has been in education and coaching actors for over 20 years. Their students are working in film and tv all over the world.

One-on-One Mentorship

To be a great actor, you need a great coach. One-on-one coaching is the best way to receive individual feedback and our coaches are the best in the world.

Featured Testimonials

Parents and Actors love Aspire

Alivia's mother

My daughter has thrived working both with Denise and Emily. She has continued to develop the skills needed to connect with a variety of characters, in order to create more grounded work. Alivia and I have both learned so much about the industry and how it works from both Denise and Emily. The excellent training they have provided has been key in helping Alivia find confidence with her auditions, along with success in bookings. We are excited to see this new Chapter, with the launching of Aspire Entertainment Academy.

Gavin's mom

Gavin has been fortunate to work with Denise. Her ability to connect with her students has allowed Gavin to grasp how a scene is structured and what is needed to keep the scene grounded and truthful. Thank you Denise for helping Gavin take his talent to the next level!

Cameron's Mom

Thank you Denise Crovetti for giving my daughter the tools and experience to conquer any audition. Being based in Chicago, it is hard to compete with seasoned actors in the LA market. Denise gives everything she has and never holds back when it comes to telling her students the truth about themselves and their performances. Cameron has not only grown as an actress but has learned to think outside the box and take risks. Those risks have helped her secure multiple agents in different markets as well as numerous auditions and callbacks. I will forever be grateful for your honesty and perseverance to help my daughter succeed. Cameron Rose Hoppe's Mom